Often small business owners struggle with creating marketing content that explains effectively what the advantages are to using their products or services. Some will want to present every possible fact that might induce a prospect to use their business to the point where the potential client becomes overwhelmed by too much information and can’t make out the relevant facts. Others will assume it’s obvious why someone would want to use their service and can’t understand why they would need to explain this to their prospects.

The most important thing to do when creating marketing content is to take a step back from your business and put yourself in the mindset of a prospective customer. If you knew nothing about the company, what would it take to make you excited about working together? What questions would you have and what answers would make you ready to take the next step?

Typically, a marketing piece has a few key components that work together to draw the viewer in, answer these key questions, and let them know what the next steps should be. We’ll explore each of these below:


A header that draws the viewer in to want to read more. This should be something simple that illustrates a clear benefit of your business, but also intriguing enough that the viewer is interested to learn more.

Benefits and proof points

Why should a potential client choose your business? What do you offer that your competitors don’t? Think about what you offer to customers that makes your business special. Do you focus on the best possible customer service, is your product or process in some way superior to other alternatives?

You can’t be everything

Don’t try to be all things to all people. Focus on two to three qualities that you believe makes your business different and offer a proof of each. This can be anything from a statistic like “95% of our clients would recommend us to a friend,” to a client testimonial, to a simple fact like “we use 100% organic ingredients sourced from local growers.” Tell your clients why you’re special and give them a reason to believe it.

Call to action

Marketing types often talk about “calls to action.” This is basically a fancy way of asking “what do you want the customer to do after seeing your ad/website/promotional piece, etc. Do you want them to fill out an online form to request more information, come into your physical store, or place an order online? The call to action, tells people what the next step is. Our job, as a graphic designer is to make it prominent and easy to understand so that it is as simple as possible for the viewer to take the next step.


One of our strengths at Wolfhaus Design, is working with clients to choose the content that will speak to their audience and presenting it in a visually compelling way that leads them naturally to the next step. Learn more about Wolfhaus Design or get started with a free consultation.





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