Logos designed exclusively for our clients

Your logo is the cornerstone of your brand. It is the most visible and recognizable symbol of your company. From business cards to your website, your logo identifies, defines and sets the tone for the visual representation of your identity. Wolfhaus Design can help you choose the right colors, fonts and imagery to set your brand apart.


Unique Designs

Wolfhaus Design creates original logos that reflect each individual company’s style.

Custom Artwork

Custom Artwork

Every new design utilizes unique fonts or custom lettering and original artwork.


Identity Management

A custom logo can be the missing piece to improve your company’s identity and brand.

Logo Design Work

Flypside Logo

Flypside is a revolutionary smartphone application for people in motion. It allows you to create a forward-facing timeline to communicate where you will be in the future and meet up with the people you choose. It’s a bit like Facebook, but Flypside looks ahead instead of backward.

Momentum Logo

Momentum Administrative Services, is a small business located in Tiburon, CA, provides virtual admin services for clients around the globe. The font was chosen to create a sense of moving forward like the name of the business. The color purple was used because of its sense of peace and wisdom.

Danny Gallagher Construction Logo

Danny Gallagher Construction is a small business in Marin County, CA. The block style font and capital letters were used to convey strength and solid construction. The frame of a wall illustrates the work of a builder.

Clean Choice Logo

The Clean Choice logo was for a startup with an iPhone app that helps individuals make healthy food choices. A plant was used in place of an i to resonate with the purpose of the app.

Bio Logo

Bio Logo

Bio is a french, organic restaurant in San Francisco, CA. The color for the logo was inspired by the organic food Bio serves. A clean serifed font was used. A leaf replaces the traditional dot on the i.

Wolfhaus Logo

Wolfhaus Design Logo

The Wolfhaus name is inspired by the Bauhaus, a German art and design movement from the 1920’s and 1930’s.  A modern geometric pattern over the wolf emphasizes the contemporary nature of both the Bauhaus and the Wolfhaus.

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