Photo Retouching by Wolfhaus Design

The following photos show before and after shots of the same image. The original image on the left is presented as it was given to us by the client. The second image in each set shows the photo after retouching where either a blemish has been removed or a visual element has been added to improve the photo. Photo retouching is done primarily in Adobe Photoshop.

California Motors Building Retouch

California Motors is a client from San Rafael, CA. They wanted us to retouch the dilapidated building in this photo so that it could be utilized in a direct mail piece. We made the building and signage look like new!

  • Before-CA Motors
    After-CA Motors
    Before CA Motors After

Guggenheim Museum Photo Retouch

This photo modification involved taking a Wassily Kandinsky painting and warping it in Photoshop to appear like it was actually painted on the rounded exterior of the building.

Disappearing Friends Photo Edit

This set of photos illustrates the ability to remove content from a picture. We removed the heads of the individuals in the image and cloned the cabinets behind them back into the picture.

Street Photo Edit

This photo was used for a direct mail piece for a client. We removed the wavy black lines from the middle and right side of the road to make the image more visually appealing.

Barn House Photos

The original photo was of an abandoned old barn house taken in Mendocino, CA. The sky on that particular day was grey and made the image look flat. We photoshopped a more interesting sky into the photo to enhance the drama and visual appeal of the picture.

Hummingbird Photo

This photo of a hummingbird is beautiful but the drainpipe is distracting and unattractive. We edited the photo in Photoshop to remove the drain and also take out the duct tape on the feeder.

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