3 Print Advertising Ideas That Can Effectively Grow Your Business

Print advertising may have taken a hit in recent years with the rise of digital media, but it is still an effective way to increase awareness of your brand and drive new business. Print has the advantage of being tactile and harder to ignore than digital banner ads—it’s harder to overlook a physical postcard that comes in the mail or a full-page ad in the magazine you’re actively reading.

In this article, we’ll look at three print mediums that can be used strategically to grow your business.

  1. Direct mail

direct mailYou may be aware that you can buy targeted lists of potential customers, but did you know that you can have direct mail pieces delivered directly to every home in a given zip code + four, without a mailing list. This is known as Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) and it can be more cost-effective because you actually pay less for the full piece than postage alone.

We recommend EDDM direct mail campaigns to B2C businesses that are focused around a specific geography. List buying campaigns can be effective for B2B companies that are trying to reach a specific industry or function.

Effective direct mail pieces can include postcards, letters, and brochures. You should choose the format that will best convey the value of your business (within your budget). See Wolfhaus Design’s examples of Print Media.


  1. Magazine and newspaper ads

Newspaper AdThe advantage of print ads is that people are already in a “reading” mindset. Studies have shown that people are more likely to read and comprehend ad text while reading print publications than other forms of media.

Advertising in a national magazine can be cost-prohibitive for a growing business, but there are a number of smaller, more targeted publications that can be a great choice to reach your target audience. Some examples include:

  • Local business journals
  • Locally focused magazines
  • Local newspapers and community papers
  • Industry specific publications
  • Art journals or other specific interest publications

Choosing the right publication is essential to the success of your campaign. Once that is determined you’ll want to decide on the ad size and publication frequency that will make the best use of your marketing budget. See Wolfhaus Design’s examples of advertising and print media.


  1. Printed brochures and collateral

graphic designMost businesses still have printed business cards, but printed postcards, brochures, banners, and other collateral can help you convey your message to potential customers. These can be distributed at events or trade shows, passed out door to door, or given to current customers to share with a friend.

Printing the material can be relatively low-cost and can help explain the value of your business far better than a small business card.


No matter what your objectives are, Wolfhaus Design can help you create and deliver a print campaign that will help drive qualified traffic to your website. Learn more about Wolfhaus Design or get started with a free consultation.


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